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Good Labrador Retriever Resource Site

There is a new resource site for all of those interested in labs.  It is called the Labrador Retriever Encyclopedia.  It is pretty new but has a ton of good information about the history of labs, breeding, training, hunting, hunt test, field trials, hip dysplasia, etc.  In the history page there is some good info about the first dual champion labrador retriever, and the history behind the yellow and chocolate labrador retrievers.  Before you buy a puppy or decide on a labrador retriever sire / stud, you should visit that site.

New Litter Sired by Cash - Man In Black "Cash" X Daisey Duke Rosholt

Cash was bred in mid-November to Daisey Duke Rosholt, a black labrador retriever female. We had the pleasure of keeping Daisey for a couple of weeks, and she is an amazing dog. Daisey weighs about 55-60 lbs and is a beautiful dog with a lot of desire and hunting instinct.

After spending a couple of weeks with her I believe she is one of the smartest dogs I have ever been around. She can open doors, get drinks out of the refrigerator, and she responds to a wide range of commands. Daisey is also very polite in the house, but when she is out in the field she really turns it on. Her owner, Jake, has used her to hunt a variety of game, including ducks, geese, pheasants, squirrels, and turkey. She loves the water and loves being outdoors.

Daisey has OFA Good hips and OFA Normal elbows. She also has her CERF certification. Her pedigree has several FC-AFC's (Field Trial Champions). These puppies will be great hunting dogs, hunt test dogs, companion dogs, and pets.

The litter should be whelped within the next few months, probably around mid-January, 2009. If you are interested in a puppy, or would like some more information, please contact Jake Rosholt at (405) 714-1422 or contact me to email him.
If you are looking for a black lab stud dog, please contact me.

Stud Services: Man In Black "Cash"

Man in Black "Cash" is an 80 pound, well muscled black labrador retriever with stunning good looks available at stud. He is intense and driven in the field, yet is well mannered and obedient at home. He is very hardy, and will push through brush, marsh mud, and other obstacles to retrieve fallen and wounded game.

Cash's desire to please is perhaps is most endearing quality. It is this desire than makes him highly trainable as a retriever and as a close companion. Cash has passed every Hunt Test he has participated in, and he will be running more in the future as schedule permits. He loves water and is a true "water dog." He jumped into our pond at eight weeks of age to retrieve a tossed bumper.

Cash's pedigree can be found here. Cash's sire is from one of the few lines that has produced combination AKC Master Hunter's (MH) and conformation champions (CH). His dam is from a strong field trial line and her pedigree contains many field champions (FC) and amateur field champions (AFC). Cash is also a proven producer of chocolate, yellow, and black lab puppies.

Cash's hips are rated OFA Excellent and his elbows are rated OFA Normal. His parents and grandparents all have OFA Normal hips. Cash's ancestors are all very healthy dogs with great genetics.

If you are interested in producing good looking, healthy, and well-built lab puppies that have a strong desire to please and excellent hunting and retrieving skills, please contact me for more information about using Cash as your stud dog. When paired with the right female, his offspring have the potential to be great field trial dogs, hunt test dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs, and personal pets.

Cash's OFA Certifications

Cash received his OFA certifications today for his hips and his elbows.

Elbows: NORMAL

An OFA hip rating of Excellent is extremely rare. Of all Labrador retriever applications submitted to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), less than 1 out of 5 are rated Excellent. This does not take into account the millions of retrievers that are not x-rayed and the ones who are x-rayed but are not submitted because the hips are obviously dysplastic. In other words, the labs out there with excellent hips are in a very small minority. If you are looking for a labrador retriever stud dog, make sure his hips and elbows are OFA certified.

OFA Records Page
OFA Vertical Pedigree Page

You can click on the pictures below to see a larger version of the certifications.

From Cash - OFA Certifications

From Cash - OFA Certifications

2008 NRC: Dave Rorem and Willie, National Field Trial Champion

2008 National Retriever Champion - FC Two Rivers Lucky Willie

Congratulations to the 2008 National Retriever Champion. FC Two Rivers Lucky Willie beat out over 100 of the best retrievers in the country to win the title of NFC. Willie is owned by Brady Oman and was handled by Dave Rorem.

The finalists were:

#10 - FC Emerald Bay's Miss Abbycadabra, LF, owners Mayo and Julie Rude, handler David Rorem

#20 - FC-AFC Bayou Teche Miah, LF, owner/handler Stephen Ritter

#22 - FC CK's Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, LM, owners Marion Stroud and Clint Swingle, handler Mark Mosher

#36 - FC Fish River's Out of the Park, LM, owner Cindy Harbaugh, handler David Rorem

#39 - FC-AFC Trumarc's Stormin Norman II, LM, owner Mark Rosenblum, handler Danny Farmer

#49 - FC-AFC Close-Hauled to Windward, LM, owners Joanne and Roy Mackey, handler David Rorem

#53 - FC-AFC Hawkeye's Red White and Blue, LM, owner Marion Boulton Stroud, handler Mark Mosher

#56 - FC Mad River's Maggie McBunn, LF, owner Mike Molthan, handler Michael Cicero

#58 - FC Fen Wizard, LM, owner Brian Johnston, handler Eric Fangsrud

#70 - FC-AFC Weezer Retreezer, LM, owner/handler Bob Johnson

#77 - FC-AFC Marsh Prairie Quick Pick, LM, owners Joe and Tal Broyles, handler Mark Smith

#82 - FC Westwoods Sunday Silence, LM, owners Mike Schafer and Mike Westfall, handler Bill Eckett

#90 - FC-AFC Ebonstar Gotta Zoom, LM, owners WG and R Burke Earley, handler Al Arthur

#97 - FC-CFC-CAFC Seasides One To Many, LM, owner Sherwin Scott, handler Ray Voigt

Training Update - November 08

Cash is running land blinds and water blinds. His handling in the water blinds could use some work as we have not done "swim-by" yet. He is doing great hunting and is learning how to hunt in the thick flooded timber and brush.

2008 NRC: Ty Rorem Talks About Running A Test Dog

2008 National Retriever Championship: Dogs Still in the Running as of Wednesday Night

Dog Name Breed and Sex
3 FC QUICKMARK POWER PLAY, LM Jackie & John McKay Bobby George
4 FC HOLY CROSS'S MOSES, LM Rick Anderson & Steve Yozamp Steve Yozamp
6 FC-AFC ESPRIT'S ODD MAN RUSH, LM John & Margaret Stouffer Rick Roberts
9 FC-AFC WINDY CITY'S SECRET SIGNAL, LF Charlie Hines Charles Hines
10 FC EMERALD BAY'S MISS ABBYCADABRA, LF Mayo & Julie Rude David Rorem
11 FC ROCK RIVER LEICA, LF Bruce Sampson Bill Eckett
15 FC-AFC VINWOOD'S DON'T LOOK ETHEL, LF Mike Kammerer Danny Farmer

19 FC CC WHITIE BEAUREGARD ROGUE, LM Dr. Terry Benda Chris Ledford
20 FC-AFC BAYOU TECHE MIAH, LF Stephen Ritter Stephen Ritter
21 FC-AFC SANDMAN'S TICKET, LF Larry & LindaAnn Bozeman David Rorem or Larry Bozeman
22 FC CK'S RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT, LM Marion Stroud & Clint Swingle David or Mark Mosher
25 FC WORLD FAMOUS MAGICAL MISCHIEF, LM Joe & Gretchen Augustyn Bill Sargenti
28 FC-AFC MY NAME IS BOCEPHUS, LM Robert & Barbara Hayden Bill Eckett
29 FC-AFC BRIER LAKES SOUTHERN COMFORT, LM Mark Sehon & Timmy Juneau Mark Smith, Mark Sehon, or Timmy Juneau
31 FC LOW COUNTRY DRAKE, LM Corinne Thompson Al Arthur
32 FC-AFC TNT'S DET-A-NATOR, LM Jeffrey Schuett & Lydia Fekula Ray Voigt
35 FC JAZZTIME EMPTY WALLET, LM Steve Bechtel & George & Wendy McDaniel Bill Totten
36 FC FISH RIVER'S OUT OF THE PARK, LM Cindy Harbaugh David Rorem
39 FC-AFC TRUMARC'S STORMIN NORMAN II, LM Mark Rosenblum Danny Farmer
44 FC-AFC CREEK ROBBER, LM Ken Jackson Jim Gonia
45 FC-AFC VOLWOOD'S ANGEL, LF Jack & Florence Vollstedt Jack Vollstedt
46 FC-AFC TEXANNA YELLOW GOLD, MH, LF Kenneth & Peggy Robbins Kenneth Robbins
47 FC-AFC TARTAN PRIME TIME, LM Barbara & James Howard Kenny Trott
48 '07 NAFC-FC GOOD IDEA'S WHOA NELLIE, LF Ken Neil & Brenda Little Ken Neil
49 FC-AFC CLOSE-HAULED TO WINDWARD, LM Joanne & Roy Mackey David Rorem
53 FC-AFC HAWKEYE'S RED WHITE AND BLUE, LM Marion Boulton Stroud Mark Mosher
55 FC-AFC CITORI'S ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE, LM Michael & Lynn Moore Bill Sargenti
56 FC MAD RIVER'S MAGGIE MCBUNN, LF Mike Molthan Michael Cicero
57 FC-AFC SHOOTER'S SUGAR COOKIE, LF Joan Conover & Nick Elam Jr DVM Al Arthur
58 FC FEN WIZARD, LM Brian Johnston Eric Fangsrud
59 NOBODY MOVES NOBODY GETS HURT, LM Irving & Nicholas Patin Ryan Brasseaux
63 FC OTTERCREEK'S TLK OF THE TWN, LM Tommy Parrish Chris Ledford
65 FC-AFC WIDGEON'S CARBON CHIP, LM JJ Heneghan & Tom Hartl Jim Gonia
66 FC TWO RIVERS LUCKY WILLIE, LM Brady Oman David Rorem
67 DC-AFC GENNY'S YAKITY YAK DON'T TALK BACK, ChesF Tom Ivey & Linda Harger Linda Harger
70 FC-AFC WEEZER RETREEZER, LM Robert Johnson Bob Johnson
71 SILVERTIP'S I HOPE SO, LF Jerald & Debra Wilks Alan Pleasant
73 REBEL RIDGE WHISTLIN' DIXIE, LF Jeff Lyons & Madelyn Yelton Ray Voigt
74 FC-AFC INHERIT THE RIVER, LM Rob Reuter & Janis Olsen Robert Reuter
77 FC-AFC MARSH PRAIRIE QUICK PICK, LM Joe & Tal Broyles Mark Smith
79 FC LANDOVER GOLDENDAZE YUKON, LM Chuck & Mary Schweikert Scott Dewey
80 FC-AFC TANGATA MANU, LM Brad & Diane Clow Kenny Trott
81 FC COLONEL BOWIE'S REVENGE, LM Gary Mathis & Jeff Jenkins Karl Gunzer
82 FC WESTWOODS SUNDAY SILENCE, LM Mike Schafer & Mike Westfall Bill Eckett
84 LAKE COUNTRY SUNSHINE, LM Gary McIlwain Chris Ledford
86 FC HARLEY'S SUPER TRIEVEN MAC, LM Ronald Stainback Jr Alan Pleasant
89 FC-AFC WOOD RIVER'S FRANCHISE, LM Bill Fruehling Don Remien
90 FC-AFC EBONSTAR GOTTA ZOOM, LM WG & R Burke Earley Al Arthur
93 FC CK'S BLUE VELVET, LM Marion Stroud-Swingle Mark Mosher
95 FC-AFC WATUAGA'S BULL GATOR, LM Steve & Gale O'Connell Steve O'Connell
97 FC-CFC-CAFC SEASIDE'S ONE TO MANY, LM Sherwin Scott Ray Voigt
98 FC JAZZTIME'S HANGING CHAD, LM Steve Bechtel Jr Bill Totten
99 '08 NAFC-FC HAWKEYE'S COAST GUARD, LM Jeff Talley & Bill Hillmann Jeff Talley
100 FC-AFC REMINGTON'S DUK DAWG, LF Linda Johnson Don Remien
102 FC JUSTIN TIME MR. MOTO, LM J Scott Anderson Patti Kiernan
105 FC-AFC IRON LINES HONCHA, LF Linda & Arnie Erwin Arnie Erwin

2008 National Retriever Championship - Videos from Wednesday

Danny Farmer discussing the trial:

Field Trial Legend Danny Farmer and FC-AFC Vinwood's Don't Look Ethel run the 4th series:

2008 National Retriever Championship: Series 2 & 3

This picture is from the NRC website and shows the combined land and water blinds for the 2nd and 3rd series. I added some arrows to show the approximate lines to the blinds. The blinds are complicated by the dogs' memories of the previous gunner stations and old falls of the marks. Also, the water blind has a very difficult water entry. The dog ideally would take a direct line into the thin sliver of water and then return on that same line.

VIDEO: 2008 National Retriever Championship - First Series

Description of the first series:

Danny Farmer and Luke:

Dog #101 Running 1st Series @ Yahoo! Video

These videos are graciously posted by Working Retriever Central. You can view more videos of each day at their website.

2008 National Retriever Championship Has Started

The 2008 National Retriever Championship is taking place this week in Montgomery, TX. It started yesterday (Sunday, November 9, 2008) and will run through Saturday, November 15, 2008. There will be 105 of the top dogs in the country competing this week. The competition will include triple and and quadruple retrieves at distances of up to 400 yards or more. It also includes blind retrieves over and through various factors including ponds and thick cover. Ducks and pheasants will be used for the marks and blinds.

The dogs competing in this contest are the hottest retrievers in the country. They are Field Champions (FC) who have met a strict set of standards and won a minimum level of trials during the last year. Each series, certain dogs get dropped according to mistakes in their performance. The winning dog will be given the title of National Field Champion (NFC). Last year NFC-AFC Candlewood's Something Royal, owned by Neil and Brenda Little won the championship.

The first series on Sunday was a double with a live flyer at about 370 yards and a retired gun at 200 yards. There were several opportunities for the handlers to lose site of the dogs if they did not take a perfect line or if they over ran the marks. 10 dogs were dropped on the first series.

For more information, including pictures, blogs, and videos, check out the following sites:

Man In Black "Cash" 2008 NRC Updates

October Dove Hunt

Personal Trainers for Your Pets

A new study shows that 60% of dogs in America are overweight. So of course California now has a company that is offering personal fitness training for your dogs. This shouldn't be much of a problem for active hunting labrador retrievers and field trial and hunt test dogs.

Article on Personal Training for Dogs

News Article: Picking the Right Puppy

From the

Finding puppy wuv
How to find the right dog for you

By Kaitlyn Syring (Contact)
Thursday, April 10th, 2008

“You should choose your dog the way you choose your friends—very carefully.”

James McKee, 2005 graduate, offers this wisdom on selecting the perfect canine companion. His chocolate Labrador Retriever, Callie, was the result of careful planning and consideration. He says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I needed to know that was the kind of dog that would fit into my house and my lifestyle,” McKee says. “And I needed to know that I would have the time to take care of her.”

McKee demonstrates a preparedness that a lot of college students don’t. It takes a lot of time to figure out if you should get a dog and which dog would be right for you. You have to think about several things—money, time, space, breed—before committing to a dog. Such planning will ensure you pick your ideal BFF—best furry friend.

Dog vs. life

One of the most difficult things about owning a dog when you’re in college is finding the time to care for the animal properly.

Callie Rost, a veterinarian at the Animal Care Emergency Room in Salina, says it’s very important that, before you buy a dog, you evaluate the amount of time it takes to have a healthy dog and you compare that time with your regular life. If you don’t think the two mesh, Rost says, then it’s time to reconsider having a dog.

McKee remembers how hard it was to take care of his Lab, Callie, when she was a puppy, and he was still in school. He says he tried to develop a routine that suited both of them. He got up early, around 7 a.m., each day to take her out and let her run around outside, he says. Next came chow time.

“I put her food bowl in the bathroom along with some toys, so she could eat while I showered,” he says. “She wanted to be around me all the time, and she wouldn’t eat if I was out of the room.”

McKee says that after getting dressed, he played with Callie for about 15 minutes more while trying to eat his breakfast. He says he kept her in the kitchen with a baby gate so that she couldn’t chew on things while he was away. He left for class each day around 8:30 a.m. and returned home when he had an opening in the day, he says.

“I came back to my house during a break between classes, around lunchtime, to let her out again and clean up whatever poopy mess she’d made during the morning,” he says. “I’d usually have to give her a quick bath because she had poop on herself, too, and then love on her a little and feed her and go back to campus.”

McKee says that his school day ended around 4 p.m. and was followed by cleaning the kitchen—and Callie—again.

“It was so tough,” he says. “I had this adorable thing that was so fun and so frustrating at the same time. I remember being kind of excited for her to grow up.”

Now that McKee is out of school and Callie is an adult, he says that things are easier. He can leave Callie alone much longer and his schedule is more relaxed, so he has more time to hang out with her and take her for walks.

“And I don’t have to clean up poop anymore,” he says.

Though McKee tackled the dog-owning process on his own, many college students solve the time constraints by having a roommate or significant other take care of the dog while they’re gone.

Kait Wilson, Topeka senior, gives a lot of credit to her roommate when it comes to balancing school, work and having Lupa, a Maltese-Poodle mix. She says she is lucky to have a roommate who is willing to help her walk, feed and play with Lupa. Wilson says she is always sad to leave Lupa each day, but the welcome she receives when she returns is unbeatable.

Students like Jill Kanterman, Chesterfield, Mo., senior, find it more difficult. She works in Kansas City all day three times a week and goes to classes most of the day twice a week. Her Golden Retriever, Louie, stays home. She, too, has some assistance from a roommate, but she says she makes it a point to find time to personally spend playing with or walking Louie.

“I would probably go insane without my Louie time,” she says.

Dogs require dough

Perhaps more than anything else, it takes money to own a dog.

Rost says that the first six months of owning a puppy are tremendously expensive. You have to pay for the dog, then for vaccinations and spaying or neutering on top of the usual food, toys, collars, leashes, flea and tick preventative and heart worm medication that all ages of dogs need each month. Rost estimates that most puppies will cost about $200 a month for the first six months if properly taken care of. Buying a dog from a shelter can be less expensive, Rost says, because these dogs will be spayed or neutered already and will have up-to-date vaccinations.

After spaying, neutering and shots are completed, the average smaller dog—fewer than 35 pounds—costs around $50 to $75 a month, says Kym Base, a dog breeder, trainer and groomer at Barks ’N’ Bows in Salina. A large dog—more than 35 pounds—will cost closer to $100 or $150 each month with a little room for emergencies or illnesses, Base says.


Bottom line: You have to do lots of thinking, talking and reading before you get a dog. You have to find out which dog would be well-suited to your house, your personality, your schedule and your activity level. Be prepared to spend some cash and shower attention on your new companion. Then, look around at a few shelters or rescue groups. A good friend might be waiting for you there. All these things will aid you in discovering possibly the best and softest buddy you will ever have.

West Mississippi HRC Hunt Test

West Mississippi HRC Hunt Test

Cash went 2 for 2 at his first hunt test and received two HRC started passes. The test was put on by the West Mississippi HRC and was held near Vicksburg, MS.

Disabled War Vet is Given a Labrador Retriever After Post on Ducks Unlimited Message Board

LITTLE ROCK, AR, January 30, 2008 - Sgt. Randall Vallee, a Bronze Star winner and disabled veteran from the Gulf War was not looking for charity when he posted a message on the Ducks Unlimited Waterdog message board searching for information about where and how to buy a new puppy to hunt with his family.

As you can imagine, he got the shock of his life over the next few days as the Waterdog message board members showed him what veterans mean to them.
One of the first people to respond to his question was another partially disabled vet, CW2 Tim Wright of Dixie Brit Gun Dogs, who not only thanked him for his service to our country, but also offered him a free chocolate Labrador Retriever female puppy from his last litter. However, there was one problem; the puppy had to get from Wright in Hartselle, Ala., to the Vallee's home in Las Cruces, N.M.

That was when Waterdog members decided to pitch in with everything from gas money to help with transportation, and offers to drive the pup to retriever training materials. Stanwood Motorsports organized donations from other Waterdog partners including: one year's worth of free dog food from Eukanuba, Mossy Oak® Duck Blind® hunting gear, Avery Outdoors, Inc. donated a Pro-trainer's bag, and Dogtra contributed a training collar.

The pup started her cross-country trek on Sunday, February 10, 2008. She will be handed off to Kevin White at Mack's Prairie Wings, the famous waterfowl outfitter located in Stuttgart, Ark., where Wright, White and the pup will get an on-camera interview with the host of Waterdog, Justin Tackett. From there, White, the puppy - aptly named Dixie Brit's Waterdog Dream Come True (yes, she will go by Dream) -followed by a camera crew, will continue to Sealy, Texas, to meet Vallee and his wife Vickie, and continue to her new home in New Mexico where with just a little more luck Vallee and his new pup will enjoy many years as best friends.

For more information on Duck's Unlimited Waterdog go to or contact Brint Ramoly at Award Nomination

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