November 2007 Training Update

Summary of the Past Month:

  • Completed Force Fetch (Hold, Table, Ground)
  • Cash is being forced to a pile right now. The pile contains about 9-10 bumpers. Cash is sent on command to retrieve a dummy. Distance is gradually increased each day. He returns to heel after each mark and delivers to hand. Some good information on force to file and pattern blinds can be found at the following websites:
  • He has also been running several 100-150+ yard marks every other day or
    so and going on 30-45 minutes jogs. The marks keep him enthusiastic while also keeping him in good condition. He is also running simple doubles.
  • About once a week we have been getting together with training partners and he gets some remotely launched marks and real ducks while being exposed to guns and other dogs.
  • Obedience has been maintained and fine tuned throughout this process.

NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star "Rascal"

Cash's great-great grandsire NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star, or "Rascal," was the 1996 National Field Trial Champion. He was handled by Mike Lardy. He was also a finalist in the 1998 National Open. The following was written by Marilyn Fender in the January 1997 Retriever Field Trial News:

Rascal's love for water emerged immediately as he learned to climb into the bathtub and later by chasing hundreds of bumpers in the surf on Sanibel Island, Florida at Christmas. All his basic obedience was done on my lunch hours at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh where I teach.

While ten months he went to Mike Lardy who started his foundation yardwork. Dave Smith's children, Dana and Jessie, often brought Rascal in to sleep with them when he was in basics. Andy Attar, who worked for Mike at the time, did a portion of his basic and transitional skill
development. (Andy now has Autumn Run Retriever Kennels) Mike and Dave have done
all his advanced training. Rascal represents many firsts. He is my first field trial dog, my first amateur win, and the first chocolate in history to be an NFC. It was Mike's fifth National win which is the first time a Pro has won five.

More information about Rascal:

Retriever Training Videos

These are a few videos on training hunting retrievers that I think are pretty decent. The first video shows the beginning stages of force fetch. The trainer starts off with the dog on the table. The second video shows a later stage of force fetch, known as "force to pile." These are the beginning stages of the dog retrieving not just because it is fun, but because it is his job. And through force fetch, as Judy Aycock says, you are showing your dog how to respond to pressure and you are developing tools that will help your dog advance through his retrieving training. This is applicable for hunting, hunt tests, and field trials.

"Hold" in Force Fetch

Cash is progressing well through Force Fetch. He has been at it about a week, and is solid on hold, and lunging to fetch the bumper. The next steps will be a progression through picking the bumper off the ground, walking fetch, and force to pile.

FYI - I am mostly going by the SmartFetch and SmartWorks method by Evan Graham and will be studying the Farmer/Aycock materials soon. We are not running very many serious marks right now. Most of our non-FF work consists of fun bumpers and some basic obedience work to help him maintain his confidence. For the first few days of FF I worked him on the table with the toe-hitch. Everything since then has been on the ground and I have been using the ear pinch.

Cash's Photo Albums

Cash's Pedigree

Topshot Man In Black "Cash"
Cash's pedigree goes back to the famed Dual Champion Banchory Bolo (1915-1927). Bolo was the first dog to earn a dual championship by winning both the bench championship "CH" and the field trial championship in England. In short, Cash's litter was planned with the goal of producing that kind of labrador retriever.
Cash came from a unique breeding in the labrador retriever world. There are a lot of field champion (FC) x field champion breedings, as well as a lot of conformation champion (CH) x conformation champion breedings. Both of these types of breedings are done with the purpose of improving the breed. There is another kind of breeding known as a "backyard breeding" in which no thought is given to the improvement of the breed. The majority of people who purchase a lab do so from a "backyard breeding."
Cash was bred from a combination of the best in the American field trial/hunting lines and the best in the English Hunter and American show/conformation lines. A lot of research was done before the right combination of sire and dam were chosen. The purpose of the breeding was to combine the best of both worlds. Cash's litter owner desired to produce a dog that had the looks, intelligence, calm personality, and physical strenth strength of a conformation champion, along with the quickness, agility, and hunting instinct of the field trial champions. While both parents were from the best pedigrees of each of their respective specialties, they were also required to versatile dogs in their own right. For example, Cash's sire, Clark, has produced three dogs which were titled both as show champions and Master Hunters, which is very rare. In addition, Cash's dam, Abby, although from a primarily hunting/field trial pedigree, also possesses a beautiful conformation, a calm personality, and has English Show Champions in her pedigree. In addition, both dogs have excellent health clearances, including OFA certified hips and elbows and CERF certified eyes.
Man In Black "Cash" was sired by CH Dickendall Davaron Gable. His dam was Topshot Magical Trixter. Cash currently has six AKC Champions (CH) and four English Champions (Eng Ch) in his 4-generation pedigree. He also has one National Field Champion (NFC), five Field Champions (FC), six Amateur Field Champions (AFC), one Master Hunter (MH), two Senior Hunters (SH), and one Junior Hunter (JH) throughout four generations of his ancestors.
Cash's pedigree can be traced to field legends such as:
His pedigree also includes show and conformation legends such as:

  • CH Dickendall Davaron Gable (Sire)

  • CH Dickendall Arnold (top producer of US show champions in 1996, 1997, 1998)

  • CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH

  • Dual FC-CH Banchory Bolo

  • Dual 3x NFC AFC CH Shed of Arden
Cash's sire Dickendall Davaron Gable has sired at least 42 Champions (CH), one Senior Hunter (SH), and 12 Junior Hunters (JH) as of May 2007. Cash's grandfather CH Dickendall Arnold was the top producer of champions in the United States in 1996, 1997, and 1998. He sired the following three dogs, each of which was one of very few dogs to carry both the Champion and Master Hunter title in the United States: Ch Broadreach Gripper CDX, MH, Ch Belle Tradition O'Broad Reach, MH, and Canadian Ch Lor-als Got Our Powerplay CD, MH. Cash's great uncle, Ch Topform Edward, MH, QAA was, as of 2000, the only bench champion who was also a Master Hunter and All-Age Qualified in Field Trials. CH Dickendall Arnold is also the grandfather of HRCH CH Waterbound Locke On Laddy MH WCX, the only Hunting Retriever Champion/ Show Champion/ Master Hunter labrador retriever.