Stud Services: Man In Black "Cash"

Man in Black "Cash" is an 80 pound, well muscled black labrador retriever with stunning good looks available at stud. He is intense and driven in the field, yet is well mannered and obedient at home. He is very hardy, and will push through brush, marsh mud, and other obstacles to retrieve fallen and wounded game.

Cash's desire to please is perhaps is most endearing quality. It is this desire than makes him highly trainable as a retriever and as a close companion. Cash has passed every Hunt Test he has participated in, and he will be running more in the future as schedule permits. He loves water and is a true "water dog." He jumped into our pond at eight weeks of age to retrieve a tossed bumper.

Cash's pedigree can be found here. Cash's sire is from one of the few lines that has produced combination AKC Master Hunter's (MH) and conformation champions (CH). His dam is from a strong field trial line and her pedigree contains many field champions (FC) and amateur field champions (AFC). Cash is also a proven producer of chocolate, yellow, and black lab puppies.

Cash's hips are rated OFA Excellent and his elbows are rated OFA Normal. His parents and grandparents all have OFA Normal hips. Cash's ancestors are all very healthy dogs with great genetics.

If you are interested in producing good looking, healthy, and well-built lab puppies that have a strong desire to please and excellent hunting and retrieving skills, please contact me for more information about using Cash as your stud dog. When paired with the right female, his offspring have the potential to be great field trial dogs, hunt test dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs, and personal pets.


Steve McClelland said...

I've been looking everywhere for a dual champion / purpose type sire. They are few and far between in the labrador retriever breed. I know the Dickendall line is as good as it gets. Beautiful dog. Can you send me some more info about using him as a sire or stud dog?

Anonymous said...

After a long debate with my wife I was lucky enough to get one of Cash's puppies from the litter with Daisy. He is almost 2 now and is in line for an outstanding hunting season. I worried because of my work and travel schedule that I wouldnt give him the reps to keep him sharp but in my few sessions with him he has not missed a beat. I do believe his smarts coupled with his desire to please make him an outstanding dog to be around. No Regrets with this dog. Chris Menard