November 2007 Training Update

Summary of the Past Month:

  • Completed Force Fetch (Hold, Table, Ground)
  • Cash is being forced to a pile right now. The pile contains about 9-10 bumpers. Cash is sent on command to retrieve a dummy. Distance is gradually increased each day. He returns to heel after each mark and delivers to hand. Some good information on force to file and pattern blinds can be found at the following websites:
  • He has also been running several 100-150+ yard marks every other day or
    so and going on 30-45 minutes jogs. The marks keep him enthusiastic while also keeping him in good condition. He is also running simple doubles.
  • About once a week we have been getting together with training partners and he gets some remotely launched marks and real ducks while being exposed to guns and other dogs.
  • Obedience has been maintained and fine tuned throughout this process.

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