Impact of One Dog on Field Trial Retrievers

The following is a post made on the message boards by Travis Skeen. It is an interesting take on the impact of 1976 NFC-AFC San Joaquin Honcho. He is an ancestor to Cash and to many other field-bred retrievers.

Tonight I was messing around on and started crunching some numbers of how [much impact]l certain dogs have [had on current field trial champions].

I started out by calculating possibly the two greatest producing bitches of all time: Lottie and her daughter Ms Costalot. Lottie produced 22 titled dogs and Ms Costalot has produced 14. The impact of these two great dogs is still living on and growing through their offspring and grand offspring.

Then I wanted to really give myself a math headache and I started adding up the impact the Great HONCHO has had on the labrador breed and the wonderful retriever games that we love so much. HONCHO produced 76 titled dogs. He was also the grandsire of 270+/- titled dogs. I was going to take this next part several generations but, not wanting to create a spreadsheet for it and take up the rest of my evening I made it a little more simple.

HONCHO's top three producing offspring were:

1) Trumarcs Zip Code who produced 62 titled offspring and was the grandsire of 124 titled dogs.

2) Super Tanker who produced 51 titled offspring and was the grandsire of 121 titled dogs.

3) Trumarcs Hot Pursuit who sired 36 titled offspring and was the grand sire of 55 titled dogs.

So basically HONCHO sired 76 titled dogs. He was the grand sire of around 270 title dogs. His top three producing offspring produced a little more than half of those 270 dogs. Those three great ones produced about 150 titled offspring. These three great ones were the grandsires of about 300 titled dogs.

The impact of one fantastic animal is absolutely breath taking. Basically from Honcho to his offspring to their offspring to their offspring adds up to over 700 titled dogs. SIMPLY AWESOME!! Congrats and thanks to Judy Aycock (and Dr. Ed) and all of those who have made such an amazing impact on this sport and labrador retrievers.

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